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Eye serum for smoothing lines & bright eyes


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Eye Serum in the form of a thin texture cream for a soft feeling on the sensitive skin around the eyes. It moisturizes deeply, brightens and prevents the appearance of fine lines while smoothing out existing ones. Enriched with prickly pear oil that improves the appearance of dark circles. Rejuvenates the skin under and around the eyes, smoothes the lines and prevents the formation of new ones because it gives elasticity and durability to the skin. At the same time it eliminates dark circles and fatigue marks giving a beautiful and bright look. It is easily and quickly absorbed. You can apply direct makeup or tightening oil of the same series for better results (15 ml).


Rose water, argan and prickly pear oil, Greek olive oil, shea butter, rose oil, vitamin E

With light natural composition consisting of 99% natural ingredients!

CPNP ref. code: 3326017

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