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Moisturizing oil with Shea and luxurious Cashmere perfume

The unique composition with Carite (Shea) oil offers a velvety feeling while it is absorbed very qui..


Moisturizing and anti-wrinkle facial and eye cream with aloe and sandalwood

 Fine texture face and eye cream suitable for men's skin care. Thanks to its natural ingredient..


Natural deodorant with talc and lavender essential oil

Deodorant in ointment form with natural ingredients such as coconut oil and beeswax. It effectively ..


Moisturizing after shave balm with sandalwood and beeswax

Beeswax cream with very soft and fluid texture that is ideally used after shaving to deeply hydrate ..


Handmade Perfume (Eau de toilette) - Daiquiri Strawberry

Strawberry from the garden, very cool with green notes and a sweet base! (50 ml)..


Handmade Perfume (Eau de toilette) with Cashmere perfume

With Cashmere perfume, with sweet notes of bergamot, jasmine, gardenia, nutmeg, musk and sea breeze...


Soap for hair wash and face cleansing with argan and essential oils

Soap with argan oil, castor oil and essential oils, ideal for dry and dull hair. Moisturizes and giv..


Soap for hair wash and shaving with beer and laurel oil

Moisturizing and toning olive oil soap with laurel oil and beer, for daily cleaning and hair care. I..


Soap for hair wash and shaving with castor oil and sandalwood

Handmade luxury soap from natural raw materials with very moisturizing action. It is an excellent ch..


Beard oil with sandalwood

Natural oil for beard and skin under the beard care. It is used to keep the beard soft and radiant a..


Hair tonic oil against hair loss

Laurel oil with rosemary essential oil for hair strengthening and moisturizing. Protects and strengt..


Hand and body cream with luxurious Cashmere perfume

Deeply moisturizing cream with luxurious and warm Kashmir perfume for velvety skin and elegant long-..


Moisturizing and fragrant men's body cream

Deeply moisturizing body cream with soft texture and a unique cool perfume with notes of sandalwood ..
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