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Cream against cellulite with rosemary and seaweed

Anti-cellulite and action against local thickness, orange peel look and relaxation based on active e..


Anti-cellulite serum with rosemary and ivy

Reinforced serum-oil for application with gentle massage, against cellulite and local fat. Tones and..


Sugar scrub with honey and ginger

This section is not yet available in English...


Tightening beeswax cream and toning with ivy

Beeswax cream with ivy and Saint John's wort oil, ideal for gentle local massage in buttocks, abdome..


Gentle exfoliating and toning soap with seaweed and rosemary

Soap with rosemary and seaweed contains the two most important and most popular ingredients for impr..


Fat-soluble and tightening gel with caffeine

Body gel with green and black tea that stimulates and tightens the skin while grinding the curves an..


Exfoliating anti-loosening soap with coffee

Handmade olive oil soap with ground coffee beans and a warm perfume resembling Cappuccino and cinnam..


Massage oil to improve the silhouette

Warming body oil that is a unique combination of active oils rich in fatty acids, vitamins and essen..


Heating body gel

Heating body gel with active ingredients such as cinnamon, cypress, wild cypress, peppermint, orange..
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