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24 hour light texture cream with argan oil

Face day and night cream with precious argan and prickly pear oils. Offers instant hydration that la..


Tightening and repair oil

A mixture of precious vegetable oils that acts as an optimal anti-aging skin serum. It offers wrinkl..


2 in 1 deep hydration mask & facial cleanser

2 steps for beautiful skin on a product! Mask for deep hydration and exfoliation with prickly pear, ..


Dry oil for hair and body for protection with argan oil

Multipurpose haiρ, face and body oil for all hair and skin types. It gives the hair nourishing and e..


Soap for hair wash and face cleansing with argan and essential oils

Soap with argan oil, castor oil and essential oils, ideal for dry and dull hair. Moisturizes and giv..


Eye serum for smoothing lines & bright eyes

Eye Serum in the form of a thin texture cream for a soft feeling on the sensitive skin around the ey..
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